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One of life’s simple pleasures….cranking this song up, driving with all the windows down, along an empty highway, at a high speed.

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Completely obsessed. This song.

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Perfect song to get lost in…

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"10538 Overture"

Electric Light Orchestra

American Hustle [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

From American Hustle [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Thanks to this movie I’ve been on a serious ELO kick. Make sure to check out the brilliant soundtrack to this movie. Its seriously addicting. 

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fountain by Iamamiwhoami

Im so thrilled to have new music by the weird yet totally Iamamiwhoami. The visuals in this video most definitely do not disappoint and the tune, although not as catchy as their previous ones, gets better and better after each play. 

2014 bring it on!

"A New Life"

Jim James

Regions of Light and Sound of God


Jim James - A New Life

"Can’t you see a perfect picture
You and me
But you know, it won’t come easy
And what’s more
It’s worth looking for”

This is such a sweet song. I’ve heard it about 897 times in the past hour.  

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Remember when Kings of Leon was good?


Mark Gatiss gets it.


Best moment of the episode.

January 6th at 11:34

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Im disappointed Sherlock….

To everyone at Sherlock. Thank you for not only meeting but clearly exceeding our expectations.



January 1st at 5:56

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