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This movie…

….these guys need to be heard. Fabulous album.


These two umbrellas, I SHIP EM. 

Monsters Uni was amazing&#8230;.but this clip had me a total puddle of emotions. Such a cute romantic clip! :)


These two umbrellas, I SHIP EM. 

Monsters Uni was amazing….but this clip had me a total puddle of emotions. Such a cute romantic clip! :)

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June 27th at 12:18

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Kevin talks about his APRA Song of the Year, Tame Impala’s ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’.

Hating my life right now. I missed this band because of reasons. Screw life and issues and things we cant control. BAH. 

Thank heavens for Pink Floyd on Spotify. 


…………………..yes, I caved in. About to listen  to the leak(sorry guys but I’ll be seeing you three times this tour!!!! Someone must have heard all my pleadings, 3 dates in Florida?!?!) Having a GIGANTIC freak out about this.

I’ve come up with a new goal in life….listen to Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time all the way through. Is it doable? 

Parenthesis by Tricky

…..Tricky is back, ladies in gents!! Yes, he’s been around but not since the debut the brilliant Maxinquaye, has he made such a buzz for releasing an album. And with reason, False Idols has proven to be a delightful trip-hop masterpiece. 

Within minutes of playing the opening track I feel chills….nostalgia for a time where I used to spend my nights as days and days as nights. I’d hide myself behind hours upon hours of listening to music, books and would pour all my frustration and confusion of being a teenager into many creative outlets that resulted in a concentration of bizarre abstract art.

Tricky is as focused as ever, dropping this album at an appropriate time when acts like XX, Nicolas Jaar, Emika have been continuing the sexy downtempo astethics as well as the resurgence of atmospheric genres like chillwave, witchhouse and dark ambient. False Idols is dark, gritty, sultry, complex….songs like the one featured today, “We Don’t Die” and “Tribal Drums” really make this a standout album. If you enjoy hip hop, acid jazz or even hip hop in general this album is precisely for you, though I believe anyone can gather its sense of finesse and sensuality….specially of its listened to at night….when everyone else is asleep. That magical time right before dawn and after midnight. 


Before Sunrise (1995) / Before Sunset (2004) / Before Midnight (2013)

I don’t know about you but I am beyond excited to catch Before Midnight!!! I have no idea how long I’ll wait(Florida resident here) but on the bright-side  that gives me time to re-watch these timeless and genius films. These movies are fantastic at any age but the more I grow up, the more I appreciate them, particularly Before Sunset. The characters are so real, the emotions palpable and relate-able, there’s at least a line of dialogue you’ve said before or thought of before, just genius. Though I’m far younger than Julie Delpy was during Before Sunset, I’m at that point in my life where I feel exactly like Celine then (if you haven’t seen this, at least watch the taxi scene, super gut wrenching). 

If anyone has any info as to where or when it opens, please let me know! :)

PS. I found out it opens in Orlando June 14!!! :D CANNOT. WAIT. I’ll be there with a box of tissues. 

Lose Yourself to Dance by Daft Punk

I have serious problems. Whenever I love a song….I will play it a million times until I cannot bear to listen to it anymore. This is happening to this incredibly catchy, ridiculously addicting, horrifyingly dance inducing tune by the ever talented French duo, Daft Punk. Why, yes. I caved and decided to listen to this album….I was super curious and guess what? It does live up to the hype. Its perhaps the best effort by them since “Discovery”. 

Though the whole album is an infectious mix of dance, fun and electro, this song holds a special part in my life. Forever my theme song to life and dancing like the guy at 5:16. YESS. 

Also…can Pharrell join Daft Punk…? I think he found his calling.

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